Guide To Our Lab Services

Five easy steps for a fast, cost-effective lab service that delivers the most reliable results to help our customers raise and care for their animals.

1. Order Collection Kits & Supplies

Visit our On-Line Store to order your Dried Spot (DS) Collection Kit. NOTE: The cost of Collection Kits include subsequent lab testing.


2. Collect Sample

Apply a technique that is quick and appropriate for taking a small blood sample. For the best method to draw a small blood sample refer to our Resources page or look on-line for additional resources.


3. Prepare Sample Collection Card

Follow the instructions included in the collection kit package to prepare the sample and spot on the Collection Card. Let the card dry at room temperature for 2-3hrs.

Click Here for Dried Spot (DS) Card instructions.


4. Send Sample For Testing

Log-in to My Account. Activate your test and complete sample requisition form. Ship your sample to our lab via your preferred courier or express mail.


5. Access Results

Results will be e-mailed within 24-72hrs* after the sample arrives at our lab. Our easy to read report will indicate the quantitative value in ng/mL.

*Availability of results may vary depending on the number of tests required per sample.