Sample Collection

What Is Dried Spot Sample Collection?

Dried Spot (DS) Sample Collection involves taking small drops of blood or serum depositing them on a specially manufactured absorbent card where they are allowed to dry. Once dry, DS Collection cards are extremely stable for shipment and storage. Samples can be easily transported by mail or courier for analysis since the blood or serum remains unchanged for several days, even at room temperature. When Dried Spot Collection is used with LC-MS (the gold standard in analytical techniques), customers areĀ ensured the most reliable results to help raise and care for their animals.

Key Benefits:

  • Small sample volume (at least 0.5mL) means less stress on the animal.
  • Easy-to-use by spotting blood or serum sample onto the surface of the collection card then dry and store at room temperature.
  • No refrigeration allows for convenient sample collection.
  • No bulky packaging or temperature control required for shipping to our lab.

Our current lab services test menu requires serum Dried Spot samples for analysis.

Learn how to collect and prepare a dried serum sample.

How is your Dried Spot Sample analyzed on the LC-MS?