Canine Progesterone Dried Spot (DS) Collection Kit

$80.00 USD

1 Test/Kit

Ensure Accurate Timing For Successful Breeding

Seroclinix’s Canine Progesterone Dried Spot (DS) Collection Kit is a valuable tool for breeders and veterinarians to accurately monitor levels of Progesterone during estrous and to determine the optimal time to breed.

  • Sample Type: Whole Blood
  • Species: Canine
  • Each kit include materials to collect, prepare and ship one blood sample to our lab.
  • The cost of the kit includes the subsequent lab test.


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Our Dried Spot (DS) Collection Kits provide an easy, cost-effective sample solution to collect blood or serum samples in a veterinarian’s office or on-farm in remote locations where veterinary facilities are not readily available.

Benefits of Dried Spot (DS) Collection:

  • Small sample volume for testing.
  • Shipping samples to the lab is convenient- No refrigeration or ice packs, No bulky packaging.
  • Multiple tests can be run from each sample.

Your kit will include materials to collect, prepare and ship your blood sample to our lab.

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