Health & Wellness PLUS Dried Spot (DS) Collection Kit

$625.00 USD

5 Tests/Kit

A simple blood test to better manage your animal’s health and wellness

Hormones play an important role in an animal’s general state of health and wellness by regulating their metabolism, growth, reproduction, and much more. With the Seroclinix Health & Wellness PLUS Dried Spot (DS) Collection Kit, regular testing will provide insight into their overall state of health and help to identify changes that may indicate signs of disease or illness. The hormone test panel includes SDMA.

  • Sample Type: Serum
  • Species: Canine, Feline, Equine
  • Hormone test panel includes:T4,Cortisol, Phenobarbitol, TSH, SDMA
  • Each kit include materials to collect, prepare and ship 5 Dried Spot Serum samples to our lab.
  • The cost of the kit includes the subsequent lab tests.
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Our Dried Spot (DS) Collection Kits provide an easy, cost-effective sample solution to collect blood or serum samples in a veterinarian’s office or on-farm in remote locations where veterinary facilities are not readily available.

Benefits of Dried Spot (DS) Collection:

  • Small sample volume for testing.
  • Shipping samples to the lab is convenient- No refrigeration or ice packs, No bulky packaging.
  • Multiple tests can be run from each sample.

Your kit will include materials to collect, prepare and ship your blood or serum sample to our lab.

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